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The webpages you're seeing, are served and managed by a software that provides complete marketing automation. Is an integrated solution for Internet Marketers and Agencies. It does Content Marketing, Lead Capture and Email/Social Messages Automation.

The main motivation for this Software came from the need of a single tool that delivers everything a marketing system requires. It started as a Twitter Automation tool, back in the days when twitter release their API. Initially, this tool was a simple Twitter Automation tool built with a complete different stack of technologies. Tired of using multiple tools and the lack of some features in those tools, the project started to integrate more and more functionalities and ended up being a complete solution for Internet Marketing Automation.

PluralSense, is a complete solution for Internet Marketing. It saves Internet Marketers money and time.  

Founder and Principal Engineer

Joao Miguel Pereira

LinkedIn Profile

The founder and principal engineer has more than 15 years of experience in Software Development. João Miguel, worked for companies like Sky, The Telegraph, Nokia, Siemens, Portugal Telecom and multiple startups. 

Joao has experience in all Software Development Lifecycle phases. He led teams of software engineers, managed projects, coded software in multiple technologies and is very versatile and curious. 

He also plays guitar, which he learned by himself, and love cats and dogs. By the way, the main story behind this tool is all because of the guitar and animals. Joao wanted to make some side money with affiliate commissions for online guitar courses to help him build an animal shelter in Portugal. But he didn't want to pay for all software for content marketing, email marketing and landing pages. He's a software developer and set his mind to build this all the required tool set in a single platform.

Team and Contributors

No work could have been done without the help of thousands of other great minds. This software is built using multiple open source and freely available tools and technologies. 

The contributions made by the open source community are gold to this project and we make a big effort to contribute back. We plan to release multiple open source tools that we currently use in PluralSense. That is the way we want to give back to the great open source community.

Cat playing guitar


The most useful, complete and cost effective Internet Marketing Automation Software.

Our mission is to help all types of businesses to achieve great success with Internet Marketing through the use of technology that saves time and lots of money in all Internet Marketing activities.


We aim to be the one stop shop for all Internet Marketing activities. Instead of using different tools, and many integrations between them, we're providing everything any professional Internet Marketer and agency needs.


The Technology Stack in which this software is built, is the most cutting edge and used by big companies around the world. The Software is built from the ground up with Scalability, Reliability, Maintainability and Extensibility in mind.

The architecture is based in Micro Services and the Software is deployed in the Cloud. Some of the Technologies include:

Angular JS
Spring Boot
Amazon Web Services

💬 We would love to answer any of your questions. 

There's a lot to be said about us, about our software and about everything we do and can do for your business. So, why not dropping us a line a ask your very specific questions? We'll appreciate that.


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