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Smarter Virtual Teams

Smarter Virtual Teams

Create your winning teams

Want to build a sparkling virtual team of content marketing professionals? How will PluralSense help with that? 

Create your own virtual team of content marketing professionals and manage the whole process from a single place. 

Your team performance is evaluated against the popularity of the content distributed by PluralSense. 

For example, if Joe is a writer of tweets for one of your accounts, Joe's performance will be calculated based on the effects each of his tweets has in the networks, how many clicks, likes, shares, etc. 

You now can make smarter decisions when hiring content marketing professionals.

Share Content that Sells

Share Content that Sells

Find and Share the Best Content for Your Marketing Campaigns

What is one of the most precious assets when it comes to Content Marketing? 

A Content Database. A repository of curated content that can be shared with multiple Social Networks, multiple times, is your most precious assets when it comes to Content Marketing. 

But, finding the best content to share, or to write about, can be time consuming. 

That is why PluralSense integrates a Content Discover and Suggestion engine to help your team to find the best content related to your campaigns. 

Just share noteworthy content that connects with your audience.

Be Omnipresent

Be Omnipresent

Want to create an online empire?

Whether you're selling physical products, virtual products or services, isn't it a numbers game? The number of people that are aware of your offer? 

PluralSense allows you to publish to multiple Social Networks and Platforms. 

That's it. 

You can target your customers anywhere where they are. You can now achieve your goals with your empire online.

Nudge your prospects

Nudge your prospects

Grab your audience's attention with personalised content

Improve relationships with your audience. 

You now can target people on Social Networks and send them links to pages integrated with his Social Network profile. 

Your audience will feel a stronger connection with your message if you target them personally everywhere. 

Your sales pages will connect with your prospects because they see a personalised sales page, and not just another sales page. 

PluralSense will help you to talk personally to millions of people.

At the right place at the right time

At the right place at the right time

Share the right content at the right time with Smart Scheduling

Let our algorithms decide when is best to publish your content.

PluralSense will analyse the data for you and decide what type of content and time of the day perform best and increase the odds to have more eye balls. 

Luck is being in the right time, at the right place and take the right decision. 

Let PluralSense create that luck for you when publishing content.  

Wouldn't you want to be in your prospects minds when they’re ready to buy from you?

Measure your ROI

Measure your ROI

Measure your returns on the investments with performance reports.

If you can measure it, you can manage it. PluralSense provides performance reports that will allow you to make the best decisions for your business. 

You can also integrate with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel, for example. You can use these third party platforms to gather additional insights and boost sales based on that data. 

Make smarter decisions based on real time data. Measure your ROI on Content Marketing.

Growth your business wild

Growth your business wild

Growth Hacking Tools to increase your reach

To make things simpler and quicker, you can now use multiple growth hack tools that will take your business to a new level. 

Everything from the same interface. PluralSense offers you multiple tools to manage your Social Accounts. 

We’ll help you growth and nurture your followers. 

You’ll also get access to secret techniques and tools to reach more and more prospects, and engage with them. 

Isn’t it time you allow your business to growth with Growth Hacking tools?

Free Courses and Training Material

Free Courses and Training Material

We’ll keep you and your team educated with most updated courses, articles and books for Internet Marketing

ur success story is our success story, so you and your team will have access to free training material in Copywriting, PluralSense tools, Social Marketing, Email Marketing and everything you need to succeed.

If you want to hire a freelancer for writing content, you know can check what courses he took and books and articles he read. You want to hire the most educated team and have a continuous education program always active.

We’ll help your team to keep up to date with the best techniques and maximize the returns from using Content Marketing and PluralSense.

All this and Yet, Not Only a Content Marketing Tool...

Imagine combining all of these great advantages with Email Marketing?

Want to take your business to he moon?

The Unfair Advantage Over All Competition

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Networks Automation
  • Landing Pages
  • Popups & Call to Actions
  • Email Sequences
  • Multiple SMTP providers
  • Social Networks Message
  • CMS

We're in a closed beta and accepting new users on regular basis. You'll not be charged anything and you'll be guided through the process to setup the tools and start standing out from the crowd. With only one Marketing Automation Tool.

What's next

Add your name and email bellow. We'll send you one email with a very small survey. We'll do that first because we want to understand your needs  and if we are the right for your. 

After you've been invited in our closed beta, you'll receive a sequence of emails that will act as a course on using our tools to automate all your marketing.

Happy journey,

Want to take your business to he moon?
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Top 5 Challenges with Content Marketing

Want us to solve them for you?

❗1# Lack of time/bandwidth to create content is a market for content marketing services.

Freelancers create content and, within the same platform, you can just approve and share according to a predefined schedule.

Your Virtual Team performance is calculated according to the content shared within the platform, so you male smarter decisions when hiring.

❗#2 - Produce enough content variety/volume

Content Databases are the blood of any Content Marketing Strategy.

With a trained virtual team and PluralSense's Content Discover and Suggestion Engine is easy and cost effective to produce a high volume of fine quality content.

❗ #3 - Producing truly engaging content

Hiring content freelances based on their past content performance is a great way to find the right authors to create truly engaging content. publishes content from authors and calculate authors performance metrics that will help you make better decision when hiring. 

This will boost your chance to share really engaging content.

❗#4 - Measuring content effectiveness

With PluralSense you will have access, in the same platform, all the data needed to measure content effectiveness.

By measuring sales from content marketing with the costs from the activities, will give you effective measure on ROI.

❗#5 - Developing consistent content strategy

PluralSense provides automation and access to professionals in the same platform. 

Developing and executing a consistent content strategy is easier with PluralSense.


🕐 Too Busy Operating Too Many Tools?

Your Content Marketing should be simpler to operate.

Spending too much time with too many tools? We got you covered. PluralSense is the only Integrated Solution for all Content Marketing.

  • Content Marketing
  • Landing and Squeeze Pages 
  • Email/Social Messages Marketing 

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🕐 Too Busy Operating Too Many Tools?
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Why Content Marketing matter?

If you want your business to thrive, you should know why Content Marketing matters to you.

📰 Brands are becoming publishers

Did you know that 75% of digital marketers agree that ‘brands are becoming publishers’❓  

💵 Opportunity

Did you know? 41% of B2B marketers believe Content Marketing is very effective. 33% of B2C marketers believe the same❓

Did you know also,  55% of UK companies outsource content creation❓

📈 Growing market

Did you know that 66% of UK marketers say they expect their organisation’s content marketing budget to increase in the next 12 months❓

💵 💵 Billion dollar industry 💵 💵

Did you know? When in-house spending included, global content marketing is a $145 billion industry, growing to over $313 billion in 2019…?

Sources: Content Marketing Institute, i-Scoop and PQMedia

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