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Email is the single most effective way to talk to your leads

Still the most powerful communication channel

Still the most powerful communication channel

Tell your story to millions of email users

Why should you bother about email marketing? Email is the most successful digital channel ever invented and used. It’s open, so you don’t depend any platform, like Facebook or Google, but your email lists only.

Would it be great if you could just hit send, and get automatic sales? That is the power of Email Marketing.

But wait… It’s still a big challenge to get that magic sales machine.

PluralSense will help you get start and scale your Email Marketing system.

Know what your recipients do

Know what your recipients do

Trigger actions based on their behaviour

Like you’re selling person to person, you will listen what your prospect says, with his remarks, objections and corporal language. As a good salesman, you’ll change your strategy accordingly.

Does it makes sense also do the same with Email Marketing?.

Of course. With PluralSense you can decide to send different emails, stop sending emails, segment to lists and more, when users either open email, read you email or click a link.

Know what your leads do and think, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Segment your contacts

Segment your contacts

Create Lists and Tags to organize your contacts

Do you want to know who have clicked on a given link in one of your past emails? Want to send a message to anyone who haven’t interacted with your emails for more than 6 months?

Your contacts lists should be lean for effective Email Marketing. PluralSense will help you to create and curate lists and organize contacts with tags. Based on actions, contacts will be moved to lists, tagged or other email can be scheduled.

Select the best leads and focus on them. Reduce waste by not sending unimportant messages to unimportant contacts.

Increase knowledge of your lists

Increase knowledge of your lists

Knowledge is power, when applied.

Would you want, not only the email address of your leads, but also from which country they are? Their gender? Their Facebook account? Twitter account?

Bet you are committed to get as much information as possible from your lists. Aren’t you?

PluralSense will discover and update your contacts personal data. We’ll use all available sources of information to make a complete profile from each person in your lists. This will allow your to have very target conversations with your lists.

Know your lists, be more personal, sell more

Follow up leads with smart sequences

Follow up leads with smart sequences

Give the most warm welcome for new leads

When you get a lead, you’ll want to know more about them. But they will want to know more about you, your services and products.

Create smart email sequences. With delays and triggers, you can customize the experience each new lead has when they enter your system.

When new people get into your system, you’ll want to warm them to your products and services. You can create useful email sequences that will warm your new leads and make them ready to buy from when needed.

Be smart and do smart Email Marketing.

Multiple Email Providers

Multiple Email Providers

Use different Mail Providers for different purposes

Sending email is not cheap, especially if you need them open and read. You may want to have some lists mailed with your own SMTP server, and other lists with SendGrid, GMail, Hotmail or any other service.

When starting out, using free Email Providers could help a business scale and move to a paying email provider.

PluralSense allows you to use multiple Email Providers according to your needs. It integrates with major Email Providers like SendGrid, GMail, Hotmail or any provider that provides SMTP server.

Adapt your strategy according to your needs and have the freedom to use any Email Provider you want.

Cold email like a pro

Cold email like a pro

Cold email is dangerous if you get it wrong

Sometimes you have lists that you never emailed before, or if you did, you did it on other platform. For example, if you want to email all your contacts in LinkedIn, you can download your contact list and send them a cold email.

When cold emailing, you want to be as much personal as possible, so you don’t come as a spammer. Best approach is to ask gently, if they want to opt-in to one of your lists. To increase the personal touch, you’ll send it using your own personal email.

Then is up to the email Sequences for that list to have your commercial offers in front of the new lead.

Leverage your cold email lists and find more leads in your personal contacts.

Email Marketing Training

Email Marketing Training

We’ll keep you and your team educated with most updated courses, articles and books for Email Marketing

Your success story is our success story, so you and your team will have access to free training material in Copywriting, PluralSense tools, Social Marketing, Email Marketing and everything you need to succeed.

If you want to hire a freelancer for writing content, you know can check what courses he took and books and articles he read. You want to hire the most educated team and have a continuous education program always active.

We’ll help your team to keep up to date with the best techniques and maximise the returns from using Email Marketing and PluralSense.

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