Are you ready to be flooded with new Leads?

This is your unfair advantage. Not only Landing Pages, but a complete Internet Marketing solution.

Get a constant flow of leads

Get a constant flow of leads

If they visit you, you want to contact them later

Whether you’re bribing your customers with free stuff in exchange for their email, or just asking people if they want to be part of your email list, you want an effective solution to get those leads.

You want to collect not only emails, but also social contacts. Your leads will now subscribe through Facebook, Twitter or Email.

You will need to collect those leads, discover more information about them, and start a smart email or/and social campaign with help of PluralSense.

Want to have a really powerful system for making sales?

Not only Landing Pages

Not only Landing Pages

But also a complete Content Management System

Besides those typical squeeze pages, wouldn’t it be great to have a live publishing and community, on your own domain?

You’re scraping your niche, trying to find leads. Because people have no reason to see your offer pages, unless you nudge them with Ads, Email, Social, it’s hard to scale without spending more than necessary.

What if your landing pages we’re integrated with a massive live publication and community? People would have a noteworthy reason to see your live publishing and your Offer Pages.

PluralSense will give you the tools to create a complete live publication, with your own team creating content.

Be smarter with your landing pages, give people a reason to see them for free.

Use Smart Popups and Call to Actions

Use Smart Popups and Call to Actions

Personalised and effective Popups and Call to Actions

When you send specific content to your contacts, you will personalize it. Instead of those typical popups and call to actions, yours will be very personal.

So, if you’re sending a link to an offer to contact Tom, the headline that Tom will see in the Popup will be “Hey, Tom, check this out”, instead of the common “Hey, check this out”. Which you think is more effective?

PluralSense will help you to achieve more personalised experience for your visitors. You’ll have done for you all the personalisation of Pages, Popups, Call to Actions and messages.

When you have your offer pages customised to visitors, your conversion increases.

Integrate with Google and Facebook

Integrate with Google and Facebook

Trigger Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel when someone subscribes.

If someone has a reason to subscribe your list, they may also have the desire for your offers.

You can target new subscribers with specific ads in Facebook and Google, after they subscribe for any of your email or social lists, or if they visit some of offer pages.

PluralSense manages your Facebook Pixels and Google Tags and Analytics so you can apply them to different pages and events.

Be always present in the right eyeballs.

Start Sequences Automatically

Start Sequences Automatically

Send your new subscribers effective welcome messages

When someone subscribes to one of your lists, you’ll want them to know you, and what you can do for them.

You’ll nurture your new lead with useful and practical information and prepare him/her to buy from you when ready.

With PluralSense Email Marketing, you can build email sequences that are triggered when someone subscribes, for example. You have everything integrated with the same tool.

Send to your new leads smart sequences of messages when they subscribe. Prepare them to accept your offers.

Segment your lists

Segment your lists

Organise contacts with lists and tags

Add intelligence to your contacts. You will have your contacts organised with lists and tags, so you can target them with very detail.

You’ll have all the help needed from PluralSense to have your contacts effectively organised, in a smart way. You’ll be able to target only people that clicked a link in the past, or anyone who haven’t opened any email for more than 6 months, for example.

Target very specific group of users because they are now organised in lists and with tags.

Mobile Page Design & SEO

Mobile Page Design & SEO

Simple, yet very customisable, page design.

Your pages work seamlessly in desktop and mobile, and are designed to provide visitors with best user experience possible. You never lose a chance to get new leads.

All your pages are SEO optimised. PluralSense adds smart tags into your pages so they can be easily understood by search engines.

When sharing your pages across social networks, PluralSense also adds tags specific to social networks so they are show the more optimised way.

Do you want to be found? When you’ve been found, you want your leads to sign up?

Complete Solution for Internet Marketing

Complete Solution for Internet Marketing

Because only Landing Pages and Publications won’t do it.

You need not only landing pages but a complete and integrated solution to make the most profit from your Internet Marketing campaigns.

PluralSense provides Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Marketing, Publishing, Landing pages and more, everything integrated into one system.

You now can have your media empire and get unlimited leads to your business, in one tool.

Unlock All the Potential of Your Business with Marketing Automation

A Truly Head Start on Your Competitors. Everything You Need in a Internet Marketing System.

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Networks Automation
  • Landing Pages
  • Popups & Call to Actions
  • Email Sequences
  • Multiple SMTP providers
  • Social Networks Message
  • CMS

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Unlock All the Potential of Your Business with Marketing Automation
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