How do you growth your ecom business, fast?

A short manual on how to growth your eCom Business.

You went all-in into your eCom startup. You set your mind that you would start an Online Shop and grow it to 7 figures, in less than 6 months. That is a bold target, indeed. But you’re bold. Aren't you?

You have good products and offers, but you don't want to pay for traffic to your Online Store because you you’re just starting and have a budget only for an almost free solution. Or perhaps you’re just testing new products and offers... 

How would you get people to know your offers when your budget is “almost free”? 

You'll start an online media empire. To start your online empire, you’ll publish news, interviews, stories and all top stories in your niche. You’ll create updated content everyday, publish under your own domain and syndicate it to social networks. The more channels where your message can be seen, the better.

You’ll create product sales pages, where you’ll present your offers and send people to your shop to buy stuff. You’ll create advertisement for your offers and show them in your Web Magazine. The Web Magazine is the gate to your web empire and you’re getting free traffic to you offers. 

But, as with any empire, this also needs will you drive traffic to your to your offers? What’s the point if nobody sees you web magazine and no one see your offers?

Social Networks are your first choices to drive traffic to your offers. 

You create at least 10 twitter accounts. Each twitter account is dedicated to a theme that is somehow related to the products you’re offering. 

You start to growth the number of twitter followers by frequently posting relevant content from your own Web Magazine and other sources. 

You’ll interact with the community, follow other people, talk by private messages, give discounts and nice stuff, mention other users, basically, be a nice guy in Twitter community. 

Facebook is next. You’ll create your own pages and groups. You’ll create at least one group and one page for your Online Shop, but you can have as many as you want, as long as they are related to your offers, for example, if you’re selling cat food, you may create a Facebook group where people share funny images of cats (cliche). The more the channels the merrier. 

You’ll be interacting with your audience in Facebook and share content from your Web Magazine. 

You’ll do the same with Instagram, following the same instructions for Twitter and Facebook, create at least 5 Instagram accounts. 

So far, what you should have: 

  • Engagement in at least 10 Twitter Accounts
  • Engagement in at least one page and one group in Facebook 
  • Engagement in at least 5 Instagram accounts 
  • An Web Magazine with frequent and relevant content 
  • Product Offer pages and Adverts

Wow, that is too much stuff to handle, will be really very expensive. Not a almost free, for sure... 

But wait… That’s not all what you’re going to do. 

Now you have to be bold and cold. Ask your friends by email to do stuff for your. 

Gather all the emails you can get your hands on. For example, use your google mail contacts, your LinkedIn contacts, any list of contacts you have email. 

Now you need to segment the people into those interested in your stuff and those not. 

You’ll be sending mass emails to all your contacts with a cold but funny email. You’ll send a picture of a cat saying sorry to bother you, but maybe you can help? As a reward of allowing to be annoyed, you'll give them a little bribe, besides the funny cat.

Email with Funny Cat

Anyone who clicks on that link will be sent to an opt-in box, with his email filled. They just need to click a button to opt-in. 

Now you can do email marketing with all those that we’re interested in your cats. You’ll create email sequences to send to your warm contacts. 

Ok, so now what you should have: 

  • Engagement in at least 10 Twitter Accounts
  • Engagement in at least one page and one group in Facebook 
  • Engagement in at least 5 Instagram accounts 
  • An Web Magazine with frequent and relevant content 
  • Product Offer pages and Adverts
  • Cold and Warm Email Lists
  • Email Marketing Sequences

Now ready to pay for traffic, but you’ll only pay for warm traffic to your offers. You’ll send traffic to your offer pages through your web magazine, syndicated channels and email lists. Whenever someone spends more than 3 seconds in a given offer page, you’ll set a Facebook Pixel and Google Tag. 

Now you will be able to run more targeted campaigns in Facebook and Google because they interacted with you before. You start to collect data on your lists. 

Wow, what?? How could someone do this for “almost free”? Seems ridiculous and it costs a lot to have an automated system as this one…. 

Sure, But...

What if you could build the software that makes it all possible. And make it possible almost for free? Your software have a way to find great content to share and write about. Your software allows collaboration to create and curate content. The software you built, is also a publishing platform, like Wordpress, so you’re publishing your content under your domain. Your software interacts, on your behalf, with followers of your social accounts. It will save time and have all your conversations organised and automated. 

Your software will publish to your channels, according to the best schedules. The software you built will have Opt-in pages and manage lists of contacts. The software will have an email marketing engine that can use Gmail accounts, SendGrid (you can have 12k free emails) and other SMTP Services to deliver orchestrated email sequences… 

If you could build this software, then you would be able to: 

  • Manage large amounts of Social Accounts from one place only 
  • Find, curate and share only relevant content from one place only 
  • Manage multiple Content Databases to share on Social networks on recurrent basis 
  • Use multiple free, or almost free, email Providers 
  • Run cold and warm orchestrated email marketing campaigns, for almost free 
  • Have the Web Magazine SEO optimised 
  • Retarget your visitors using Facebook and Google ads 
  • Have all the pieces you need, orchestrated to make lot of sales. 

Good news is: you don’t have to build that software, it’s yours already.

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